Columbia University Ed Tech Design Challenge 2017
A partnership of Columbia Entrepreneurship, the School of International and Public Affairs, Center for Development Economics and Policy, and Fundação Lemann
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The Columbia University Ed Tech Design Challenge is an initiative where teams of entrepreneurs and students from schools across the University will generate new products or program ideas that will work to solve deeply entrenched education problems with technology.  This year’s Challenge will focus on Brazil and three themes -- children with special needs, children in need of remediation and parent engagement.

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What is your interest/experience in Ed Tech, Education or Tech Startups? *

Have you ever participated in any Design Studio Events in the past? If so, please list them below.

Are you able to attend the Design Sprint between October 13th-20th at the Design Studio? (NOTE: attendance is required all day 10/13 and 10/20 with various workshops throughout the week. We understand students have classes during the week, so we have tried to accommodate for this.) *

Students will work together with a Brazilian Entrepreneur during the Design Sprint to find solutions to problems around one of the following themes of Remediation, Special Education, Parent Engagement
 (Please rank your preference for which theme you would like to work on, or you can write "no preference")

ex: 1)special education, etc. 

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